Ballet Rakatan


Orange Jazz


Artistic Profile
Created by: Nilda Guerra and Osnel Delgado Wambrug
Director: Nilda Guerra
Choreographer: Osnel Delgado Wambrug
Number Dancers: 23
Musical Group: Julito Padrón y sus amigos de Sta Amalia, Guests Singers : Haydee Milanes; Moraima Marin and Geidy Chapman.
Musical Director: Julito Padrón
Musical Themes: Alabao, Summertime (version1); Cuando Lejos Estas; Guachi Guara; Summertime (versión 2), Malecón; A quien Le Creo (cha-cha-cha); Summertime (versión 3); Boggie; La Felicidad.


This creation by Ballet Rakatan combines music with contemporary danceonly this time Jazz is the leading star of the spectacle.

Orange Jazz is conceived as the summer part of a 4 season show, it celebrates love passion and contradiction in the relentless quest of human beings searching for their compliment.

During the 1940’s Jazz was mixed with Afro Cuban music in New York thanks to the talent of some Cuban musicians settled there like Miguelito Valdes and Mario Bauza that’s how Latin Jazz was born seductive and distinct.
For the outstanding Jazz players participating in this project, including Julito Padron and Rodney Barreto amongst others Orange Jazz is the opportunity  to witness their music become physical, musical performance based on dancers movements is complicated , that’s why the dancers are more than a source of inspiration, they are co -authors in each piece thus establishing a wonderful and enriching joint creation whilst also featuring famous Jazz tunes like GuachiGuara, Summertime and Boogie amongst other Jazzy Cuban rhythms.