Ballet Rakatan


Kid Chocolate


Artistic Profile

Created by: Nilda Guerra
Choreographers: Nilda Guerra and Alexis Fernandez Ferrera “Macarela”
Number Dancers: 23
Musical Group: Julito Padrón y sus amigos de Sta Amalia
Musical Director: Julito Padrón
Musical Themes: Contradanza Los Munecos , Mack The Knife, Orchestra on a train, Lagrimas negras, Zoot Suit Soundie, etc.
Duration: 2 horas


A brand new production under development by the creators of Havana Rakatan.

Kid Chocolate takes its inspiration based on the true history about the life of a world famous Cuban boxer of the same name who grew up as a deprived kid from the back streets and gyms of Havana to a world-class boxer in New York’s Madison Square Gardens in the roaring 20’s.

The simple storyline is being transformed into a dance and live music show by Cuban choreographer Nilda Guerra, who has seen massive commercial success with her shows Lady Salsa and Havana Rakatan.

 Kid Chocolate is an exuberant exploration of the development of music and dance genres across two cultures.