Ballet Rakatan


Havana Rumba


Created by: Nilda Guerra

Director: Toby Golph
Choreographer: Nilda Guerra
Number Dancers: 12
Musical Group: live band los Jóvenes Clásicos del Son and Lead Vocal: Geidy Chapman and Sonora la Calle.
Musical Director: Ernesto Reyes Proenza and El Chivo
Duration: 2 hours (including one interval).



This show is set in present day Havana. It pays homage to all the great Rumberos that ever existed in Cuba. Also it honors all the array of rhythms that from everywhere fused and conformed what is known today as the Rumba. Even though the theme is set in contemporary Cuba it revolves around nostalgia for the 1950’s the rumbas’ golden age. The central character is a mail man who has the possibility of bringing good and hopeful news as well as sad and devastating ones.