Ballet Rakatan


Havana Rakatan


Artistic Profile

Created by: Nilda Guerra
Director: Nilda Guerra
Choreographer: Nilda Guerra
Number Dancers: 16
Musical Group: son band Turquino and Lead Vocal: Geidy Chapman.
Musical Director: Rolando Ferrer
Musical Themes: Manicero (son), Manteca (jazz), (bolero), etc…
Duration: 2h


Havana Rakatan is a musical showcase of Jazz, Mambo, Bolero, Son, Chachacha, Rumba and Salsa, brought to life with a dazzling display of Cuban passion. It maps the Flamenco and Afro Cuban dances-inspired by Yoruba and Afro- Haitian rhythms to show the fusion of African and Spanish culture within the Caribbean country. Also, it shows the urban behaviour of contemporary Cubans giving an authentic flavour to the real Cuban character through narrative vignettes depicting modern slums in Old Havana. Both based on traditional and modern dance styles, it tells the cultural history of the Cuban people from the present to the past. Choreographed by Nilda Guerra it also features Turquino, one of Cuba’s most popular Son Bands, live on stage. This is a captivating and colourful historic journey through the dance and music of a truly unique culture.

“A stunning slice of Havana life”
The Independent ★★★★