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Havana Rakatan – The Show

As one of Sadler’s Wells’ most successful productions, Havana Rakatan made its hugely successful  international debut in 2007 at the Peacock Theatre in London and has since toured all over the world including six astonishing seasons at the West End.

Originally the dream of Cuban choreographer Nilda Guerra, the show has now toured around the world to rave reviews and has been enjoyed by audiences of hundreds of thousands.

A captivating journey through the dance and music of a truly unique country, performed by one of the most talented and versatile groups of dancers to emerge from Cuba in many years.


Sadler’s Wells’ most successful production Havana Rakatan travelled to New York for its first ever US dates .The show was bound for New York before the United States and Cuba renewed diplomatic ties, but that news only bolstered its feel-good spirit . As the 1st ever Cuban dance company to take to the Broadway stage it was reported that every night the New York City audiences were up on their feet, dancing and cheering even before the show’s big finale.

“A stunning slice of Havana life”







Ballet Rakatan The Company

About Us

Rakatan is not a word in a real sense; it’s the rhythmical beat that the company dancers used during rehearsals to mark the tempo …RA-KA-TAN, RA-KA-TANRA- KA-TAN

Founded in Havana on August 7, 2001 by director and choreographer Nilda Guerra, Ballet Rakatan’s vision is to continually explore new creative frontiers in the dancing world. The company received national accreditation in June 2001 and since then it has evolved to become – with hard work and dedication – one of the most prestigious Cuban Dance companies to set foot in world renowned stages like Sydney and Oslo Opera House, Le Carre Theater, Peacock Theather, Il Sistina Roma, Teatro Smeraldo in Milan and New York City Centre among many others. Rakatan has established itself as an excellent exponent of the ever fascinating Cuban culture. The dancers always give their heart and soul to each show and they are always fully committed to the audiences and to transmitting their pride and their love for dancing.

NILDA GUERRA – Director & Choreographer

Born in Media Luna (Cuba), Nilda graduated in1993 from the Escuela Vocacional de Arte in Cuba. She started her professional career as a dancer in Teatro Lirico de la Habana. In 1998 the touring company Lady Salsa gave the chance to prove her choreographic skills and the next two years touring in London and Europe allowed her to start her next ambitious project: to start her own dance company. She returned to Cuba and after an extensive search for dancers Ballet Rakatan was born. Within a year her first commercial production was ready “Somos” shortly followed by Havana Rumba, Flamenco de Hoy, Cuba Body & Soul and Havana Rakatan.

Nilda’s hallmark is based in the exploration and fusion of diverse dancing trends: Cuban popular and traditional, classical and contemporary, jazz & folkloric, is what is in the soul of her shows and of her choreographies.

Nilda’s inspiration came from her grandmother Efijenia Guerra Leon who always encouraged her to follow her heart and believe in her dreams.

The Team

Ballet Rakatan is currently composed of 137 of the best dancers and that Cuba has to offer including several understudies, becoming the largest dance company in Cuba.

A core group of 30 main dancers bring to the company years of collective national and international experience. All dancers are graduates of the prestigious Escuela Nacional de Arte de la Habana or other similar institutions around the country.

The company is supervised by a team of Cuba’s most renowned experts in Classical Ballet, Folkloric, Flamenco and Contemporary dance: The dancers receive physical conditioning and acting classes; this encourages each individual’s development in terms of their range of repertoire and style. Ballet Rakatan is a varied and versatile company who are able to adapt to a range of different situations and circumstances.

Ballet Rakatan performances are supported mainly by three of Cuba’s most prestigious live bands, Turquino directed by Rolando Ferrer, Los Jóvenes Clásicos del Son, the renowned Jazz Band Julito Padrón y sus amigos de Santa Amalia plus lead vocalists as Geidi Chapman, Dayme Arocena and Sonora la Calle.


Some Great


Ballet Rakatan is one of the most prestigious Cuban Dance companies that has ever set foot in the London West End and Broadway including world renowned stages like Sydney Opera House, Sadler’s wells Peacock Theatre, Le Carre Theatre, among others.

Now in association with a London based company Oi Brasil, Ballet Rakatan is now available and accessible for international shows all over the world.

Besides the dazzling Latin entertainment our versatile performers allow us to provide other dances styles including Modern, Contemporary, Jazz and Ballet.



Company Repertoire


Ballet Rakatan has performed among others at:
– New York City Center, 2015
– Peacock Theater: 5 consecutive seasons, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2014
– Oslo Opera house 2013
– Italian tour, 2012
– Luxemburg Grand Theatre 2012
– Sydney Opera House, 2011
– Holland-Koninklijk Theater Carré , 2011
– Japan, Tokyo Hall, 2010
– China Festival of Folkloric Arts 2010
– European Tour, 2009
– Australia, Melbourne Art Centre, 2009
– Edinburgh Festival, 2007 & 2009
– Italian Tour, 2004, 2005 & 2006
– Summer dance festivals-Italian Tour 2003
– Maho Resort and Casino, St. Martin, W. I. December 2002 to April 2003
– International Festival of Dance, Havana, 2003
– Havana International Folkloric Festival, 2002
– 7th annual World Salsa Congress, Zurich, Switzerland, 2002

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